Payroll International was founded in 2012 and allowed us to bring together decades of expertise covering all aspects of the UK and international contracting and worker community.  We provide an employment and payroll service laden with benefits enabling you (our contractors) to focus on providing your professional expertise, while we focus on ensuring that you get the best for those efforts.  Our contractors are important to us, to ensure that we can deliver exactly what you need we have focused on our capabilities being diverse and are able to fulfill your requirements both now and in the future.  In addition to our international employment and benefits package, our group of companies are able to provide a range to UK focused services, from UK employment contracts, payroll services on to full accountancy, tax return services and tax efficient business structuring.  With Payroll International, you get access to full support, enabling  you to maximise your income, whilst concentrating on what you do best – providing your professional expertise, wherever in the world that you work, both now and in the future.  Payroll International are constantly researching the markets to ensure that our services are unparalleled.